How to easily potty train? My baby refuses completely to even sit on the seat, she cries like crazy if forced...

Dont force..
I read somewhere in US babies are trained between 18 to 24 months..
So u can wait lil more n restart..

Hey mine never sat on the baby potty seat. He was never comfortable. I tried for a month and then gave up. Then at 1 year I trained him to tell me whenever he wanted to do potty. He is 1.5 and tells me ( comes running to me) and does in the toilet seat only.
Pls don't force. It will make him more adamant.

How I started - When he was 1 year , I could see how uncomfortable he was with the diapers. He used to hold back his poop and did not do in the diapers. When I used to take him to the washroom, he used to cry a lot initially and would not do there as well. Then I made myself determined that I will train him. I kept him diaper free for a week ( while at home) and kept an eye on him throughout the day to check for potty expressions. As he would begin to poop in his leggings, I would rush to the washroom and would hold him that position on the adults potty seat. Within 10 days or so he was comfortable. But yes till the time child doesn't speak or walk, you have to be careful N alert to watch his expressions and be super fast. Then at 13 months he started walking and would come to me running with those expressions. Slowly he felt comfortable. It's not like it was perfect all the time. At times I used to miss, sometimes he would do and then tell, but I always used to tell him firmly that you have to tell me when ever you have to do potty or you have to do in wash room only. It slowly got registered in his mind. And he started behaving like that. Then slowly when he started to speak, he would use the word cu/cu for potty. So we would rush to the washroom. In fact he used to feel uncomfortable if we were late in taking him. Now at 1.5 years he is completely trained and knows he needs to pee N poop only in the loo and look out for us when he needs to do so

Hi mommy
Potty training needs a lot of patience.
I started when my kid was able signal or say that he is pottying.; So give sometime

Patience baby patience. The more you push and pull the more reluctant the child will be and it will convert into a tug-of-war. Show him pics or nursery rhymes or YouTube videos about potty and training. He is very young allow him next six to eight months

5 Tips For Potty Training

How I Got my Fussy Toddler to Eat And Potty Train!

Hi surbhi.; Mabbe ur child isn't read for it . Pls don't push her .. give her time . I tried to potty train Munson when he wasn't ready . Ibwould get angry and inadvertently he was scared . Take it slow.; Try again after a few months ok . All the best .. There is no race or I arent winning a medal to make ur child potty train.; So relax give ursekf a break and try again after some time

My baby is 14 months old...we are waiting for the winter to get over to start him to potty train...

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