Hi!; Ma daughter keep scraping her scalp n skin... she dsnt hv dandruff... plz suggest me any good shampoo n hair oil...

Hi Angel,; Sebamed shampoo is very good...you can try that.... coconut oil is safe for hairs...it's just that when you oil the baby hairs ensure to massage for a while n also try to wash hairs twice a week...the itching may be bcoz of dust ....ensure to freshen up your baby when back from outside...dust n sweat leads to scraping hands n legs so staying hygiene is a best solution...take care

Hi!; She dsnt play outside she just stays home wth me n v go out only once in a week.. i keep her wiping yar... i keep my room clean all the tym

Hi mommy
Sebamed shampoo works wonders.

Himalaya shampoo n hair oil

Try Johnson's Baby shampoo and also oil Her scalp with oil from same brand. Ask your doc if this doesnt resolve within three days.

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