my child is 21 months old n he s super active .. what kindof games or toys shld b given to indulge him in it .. as he got addicted to phone. i wNt to change his focus.

use bbuilding blocks..
u can giv him boxes to open n close....
giv him clay or home made play dough nd woden hammer or this lyj dat to flaten the clay or mould it

giv him newspaper for tearing nd crumpling.
this will improve his motor skills slso

can u also tell me wen one shld plan for next baby.. in my case my boy s 2 years old

Dear Radhika,
Playing with balls, blowing bubbles, random scribbling, stacking, pouring, transferring are all games u can involve him in. Also cause and effect games would work wonders as he is of that age where kids start getting curious.
Involve him in ur day to day activities, in the kitchen or while loading the washing machine, etc. There are lots of activities you can involve him beyond toys.
Variety is the key to keep him focused.
Best Wishes!!!

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