10wk old baby feeds better on left side....pulling and tugging on right side...wat is d problem??

Sonali Shivlani pl advise

Hi Smriti! I have met many moms with the same. I LL let the expert answer. But it's common and I think you should continue to try to feed from both

It is possible that
1. The milk flow on the right side is slower and hence baby needs to put more effort. Express milk post a feed on the right side just for a few minutes to help offer more stimulation and have the breast catch up.
2. Your holding position may not be as comfortable. Try changing the way you hold the baby.
3. The baby may have a ear infection which will need to be checked by the doctor.
I would suggest trying the first two options for a day or so.

Every1 has difficulty on right side .nothing to worry just feed on right as usual no issues

Every baby has difficulty on right side...whenever baby get up after his sleep give him right side milk he will take and also when he have great hunger

Hi i too faced same problem for my baby for about 1 and half month..just try changing position..may be the nipple on the other side is not that comfortable for the baby to latch on..best luck dont worry

Faced same problem..after some days they will only will get into it...don't worry

might b low supply on right side