Hello. We are going for six week vaccination for our kid. Doctor has asked us if we would want to give painless or painful vaccines. Does anyone know the nitigrity and the effect of these. Kid already had gas problem due to which he kept crying and his weight hasnt increased much.. so would painful add more to his woes?

Ankit,you can go for painless ones,i consulted 2 paed's ,both had their own version of stories. One said,theres no difference (both are equally effective,painless one will reduce the stress baby undergoes and is a little expensive),the other one being old school recommends painful one and said the effect of painless ones reduces after 7-8 years so you can get one additional done at that age. What i analysed is,better to go with painless either ways,less discomfort for the little one in a bit more price. To add on,no guarantee of no fever with painless but 6 weeks one can be done and dusted easily,do watch out for the nest one where painless can also be painful (hexaxim) to some kids and will cause fever and general crankiness.

Agree with Ritu , my baby's paed is old school and suggested with pain and gave the same explanation, at the same time I have a neice who is having with pain and frn daughter painless.. both has pros and cons. You can give with pain for the first time and see how it works later on you can decide. After all how long we can protect them from pain?

Rebecca Prakash; ritu singhal; correct.. very good info for new mom's..

Thank you ritu singhal Rebecca Prakash ..out of all online content i found this link to be most logical sceintifically..https://www.babygogo.in/must-know-things-painless-vaccination/

Yep,i have read that as well,crux will be the same 👍

Hi ankit - u hv already got excellent advice! We also hv lots of informative articles and videos on vaccinations. Sharing a few. Do use the search for any articles or questions asked by other parents on the topic.

What I Learnt About Painless Vaccination

This video will take the ‘pain’ out of your baby’s vaccinations!

ps: have an awesome vacation!!! don't forget to post pix!

Thanks asha chaudhry the article n video were quite insightful. We will go with the painless one. One of our paed in mumbai had mentioned that painless is advanced version of vaccine which doesnt mean it is less effective

Thanks to all..We did administer painless vaccines for our son Reyaan and he is doing fine. In addition doctor asked us to take the national polio drops by the government as it would not cause any harm but only good.. so we have him that too

Ankit any idea when is the next polio? I dint give this time , as you say there is no harm I will give her.

Next round is on 11th March..thats what our doctor recommended.. bec when the polio team came home we refused but then the next day i went to the centre and saw that the devices were hygenic and they give two drops without touching the drop outlet to his mouth

Yez I was also not comfortable, anyways our doctor visit will be on 21st February so I will check with him.

Sure tell me your doctors response too

Ankit- my doc specifically asked not to give polio drops apart from what is given to her scheduled vacc dates.

Okay ..contrasting views..lets hear what others paeds suggest

Thanks for sharing ritu singhal ..i have asked my other friend to ask their pedia during their appointment on monday and will let you know

Painful vaccine is better than painless coz baby will get immunity to bare n once fever comes it's good actually. My baby was given painful vaccine as my doctor suggested ,

Hello Tara, Baby will get immunity from many ways as he/she grows up, not particularly from vaccine.. Painless is just advanced version of vaccine with same effect of old version still some babies may get fever with painless one. Also doc will suggest to give paracetamol drops for fever either way..

Mne apni beti ka vaccination civil m kraya h...Kya sahi h

Go with painful vaccination.. it enhance immunity of child..

Can I give my 2.5 months old baby girl polio oral drop or not

I suggest painful vaccines.. pain is nature we should accept that..

Hi Mommies and Daddies. Just thought this article might be informative. Please read it.
Are cuts to doctors deciding what vaccine your baby gets?
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Yes u can go for painless ones

Go with painful... because my paed suggest that there is no difference between pain & painless...

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