Can anyone tell me more about the lunar eclipse on 31st Jan 2018.

As per a national daily -
On January 31, the world will witness a rare super blue blood moon, which is called so because it is coinciding with a total lunar eclipse and a blue moon. During a super moon, the Moon appears upto 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter, according to NASA
The reason this January 31 event is a Super blue blood moon is because this will also be a total lunar eclipse, when the satellite has reddish tinge to it. It is also the second total lunar eclipse in the month of January 2018, and according to NASA, a second total lunar eclipse during a month is called ‘blue moon’. Thus the Super moon has become a “super blue blood moon.”
The country’s first viewers will be from the north-East, who will be able to witness this event between 4:21 PM and 5:18 PM IST. Rest of India will get a chance to see this Super blue blood moon between 5:18 PM IST and 6:21 PM IST. The west coast and parts of Rajasthan will see the celestial event from 6:21 PM IST to 7:37 PM IST on January 31 itself ( source - Indian express)

I believe having a look at scientific reasons is a must before coming to conclusions about myths. Elders in our family said some things probably without knowing the facts. Doesn't mean they went right! Have a look at the link. Tc