My baby doesn't burp. It's very difficult to make her burp but if she doesn't burp and if I put her down to lay, she is uncomfortable and coughs up milk in her nose. what to do to avoid milk in her nose causing block like this?

every time burp is not necessary. you just hold your baby upright position for 3-5 minutes then lay down.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, holding upright for 10-15 minutes is a must. Do not rock the baby when u r holding her upright. She might or might not burp and that's okay because exclusively breastfed babies when latched correctly might not burp. However if your baby throws out milk after laying down, then keep her in a proper up position.
If milk comes out from the nose, then while feeding check her head position and support It well, keeping the nose free and don't overfeed

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