My baby is 2 months old and he does not poop daily.. Is there anything to worry about it

yaa..sometyms baby poops every alternate day or may b after 2 days's absolutely normal...just take care of his colic issue

he even has sleeping prob.. I.e he wakes up by 10 Nd by 12 he gets ready I.e massage Nd bath after tat he hardly sleeps for 1 hour... Nd don't sleep for next 3 to 4hrs.. after tat if at al he sleeps he wakes up within 1/2 hour..

actually it seems this has became a universal issue...every infant is suffering from this sleeping problem.My baby has the same issue...I think this is coz he might b suffering from colic...

this is absolutely normal. if he is exclusively on BM then no poop upto 5-7 days is normal.

what if baby is combined fed.. formula and breast milk .. should he poop everyday?