I delivered 10 weeks ago.. when is the right time to start some exercise to get into shape.. I haven't gained much weight.. I just want to reduce my hip size.. any suggestions..

did U have. normal delivery or a c-section. it all depends on that

You can start with your exercises 8 weeks after csec. Start with walking and yoga to kick start your fitness routine.

Hi Nisha, Congratulations.You can start with exercises after 8 weeks.As Dr.Riddhi said, start with walking. But my advice is besides walking,to start with some pelvic floor exercises ( kegel's exercises) , mild lower tummy exercises. Please visit some physiotherapist preferably who is working with maternity set up.All the best

dr srujana when can start exercise after normal delivery i deliverd baby one montb back

4 weeks after delivery

Both of you get checked by a physiotherapist nearer to you.There are few things that we need to check after delivery,related to your tummy muscles, before staring exercises. Start with normal walking, few leg exercises n pelvic floor muscle exercises.

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