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My lo has Startle Reflex any mild sound she wakes up with her both hands up,; sometimes if there is no sound also she wakes up like that.. This disturbs her sleep. Only when she is swaddled she sleeps peacefully so I'm forced to swaddle her whole night ( I use readymade swaddle which is easy to change diaper) . My concern is how long this is going to last? She can't be swaddled forever.. What must be scaring her? Is this reflection of her future.. is she going to be a weak person? I know it's too early but I'm worried.

Mrs Chhoker

No darling don't judge that little angle too soon every kid do this adhi used to wake up from her sleep even from sound of air n now he has become so meschevious even dogs of our society run away after seeing him😁

ritu singhal

Hey,Becca,relax momma! Startle reflex is natures gift to these kiddies, i have seen rehu till 3 months getting perplexed with this and then gradually the episodes starts to decrease as they get more aware of their bodies.
And,no this is no reflection of future,shes gonna be strong like her mum!

Merline Thomson

My baby is too like this .; But I m not swaddling her now.;


Hey, babies are like that. They do startle. That's why I swaddle my baby when he goes to sleep and not otherwise. Rest of the time I keep him free so that he can easily move his hands and legs..

Sirisha Bhalla

My daughter is ditto same. Her sleep gets disturbed n sje starts crying dts y she sleeps peacefully on top of me only. I m sure this s just a phase n will go with time. M trying to be patient too

Revauthi Rajamani

Hi Rebecca
This is called Moro reflex, if they hear any loud noises they fling their arms n legs, it looks scary but the its very normal, it settles around two or three months. This is a normal part of their Neuro development. This is not to be related to her future.. Relax Rebecca Prakash
Happy parenting.

asha chaudhry

just a phase sweety. nothing in the environment will make her weak. coz you will make her strong. and don't ask how i know this, 'coz i do :)

Nancy Singh

Darling it's just a phase relax ..
What I did with MANNAT is in day time I will play music , talk normal , ample of sunlight will come and observe sounds by which she gets startled .. She hates whistle of pressure cooker, running water noise or when I use gas lighter ..
So when she was full awake I would try make her listen to these sounds .. I have given whistles to empty cooker full of water
. 🤣🤣; would take her to wash basin and then put on the tap she cried initially but now she gives a damn about these sounds ..;;; when she gets startled just gently pat on her bummy .. Do not take her in lap and comfort until she gets too scared..; Else you will be roaming with her in the lap all the time .. Try putting her to sleep on bed by feeding in lying position.. this will give you rest and she will get used to sleeping on bed .. 80 percent time baby should be on hard surface and not lap darling .. Let me know if you have; more questions.

Sumira Bhatia

Rebecca almost all babies go through it . . Don't worry about it . . Swaddle is good . . Eventually they grow out of it . . she'll be a strong confident woman like her momma

Rebecca Prakash

nancy singh great will try doing that. If I feed her in lying position then how do I make her burp?

Nancy Singh

Rebecca Prakash with mannat lying on the side and gentle movement downwards gives her burp.. see what works many babies take half inverted burps .. Putting baby on upright is not the only burping position .. check on YouTube .. there are so many ways ..
.and yes swaddling is fine it can't be habbit if you dont want it to be .. Relax momma

Neha Vij

Hi dear. Relax ! No this is not going to last for a long time. Just few more days of trouble and she will be strong. Don’t think negative at all that she will be weak. We all have gone thru this phase and it’s v common. Infact kids get up in sleep sometimes even in toddlers phase. So relax and find ways that comfort her as u are the best person to understand her cues.

Sonali Shivlani

The startle reflex is very common and 100% of babies have it. So no it is nothing which is scaring her or a reflection of her being weak in the future. In the womb the baby is in a snug environment and hence likes to be swaddled. This is generally for the first few weeks and in some cases can extend to about four to five months which is also normal. So just relax and get these fears out of your mind.

Sumira Bhatia

I agree with Nancy . . I also feed uday in lying down position and burp him on his tummy

Abhilasha Paul

Response to loud or mild; sounds is startle reflex and we actually check it if the child is having it or not while checking the reflexes in clinic. Do not worry it's just a new born reflex, it will go on its own. You can also consult your paediatrician if it's causing u stress. Don't worry.

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