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What happens in c sec on giving anesthesia? Are eyes open? Except for abdomen are all other senses working?

Neha Mani Mishra

I delivered normally but am tagging other moms who can help you..nancy singh ritu singhal Kavita Sahany

Neha Mani Mishra

Meanwhile you can read this article..What to expect from your C-Section

Kavita Sahany

Hey normally in spinal anaesthesia the lower half becomes numb..many of many friends HV seen the baby n in full hosh they say.
Mine, I remember hearing the cry of the baby and then I woke up in the recovery room with heartbeats n everything being monitored...don't remember wot happened during that phase .;

Shreya Singh

Yes..if its not full anesthesia..
U are awake..
I was awake..eye open...u can hear everything..u cant see...there is partition down..
my hands wer tied..
Its vei cold there so they put blower under the sheets..
i was shivering..
But if u relax...all will be fine..

Riya Smitha

Yes u will be in conceous

Sneha Khandait Deshmukh

Yes lower half becomes numb... I remember everything that happened in OT ...infact my dr was continuously communicating with me

ritu singhal

Hi Anon,i was like half conscious, had trouble breathing,just felt some lotion being applied on my abdomen,post that all numb. There was a curtain drawn to hide my lower body,i was able to hear docs talking. They were asking me if i was fine, but i had trouble speaking and breathing,so they gave me oxygen mask. Meanwhile,baby came out,they asked me to check baby and identify the gender,but my eyes could barely see anything due to anaesthesia, it was all blurred. I was constantly shivering,this is side effect of anaesthesia..they gave blowers in the sheet. Still i was shivering. But its all good,you wont be able to move the first few hours,then nurses and docs will help u recover! Theres nothing that a mother cant bear! All the best!

Revauthi Rajamani

If u are to be injected local anesthesia, which is in the spinal cord it is gonna make you numb below the waist, and s u r awake can see, but most if them blind fold us not to see the process n fear it.
The other anesthesia is general which is rarely followed especially in case of emergency in few places. So in that case u will fall asleep completely.
I had a spinal anesthesia for both my c section


Thank you everyone

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