I ve a 17 month daughter .she has this bad habit of sleeping only if breast fed..even if not hungry she demands breast milk..if I avoid giving her n try rocking her to sleep she gets cranky n starts crying ..she yells' dudu pite' repeatedly even in sleep..plz suggest me how to get rid of this habit..I want to breast feed her till 2 yrs but due to this habit of her getting fed up of feeding her for long hours

I have same age child... I have the same problem..

from this I am getting lost my weight... but I started trick that whenever he seems hungry.. I am ready with milk bottle.. whenever he demands I put bottle to his mouth...& try to sleep him...& at night I sleep little far from him.. so he now demands very low..& try to feed him food full before sleep..it really helps

Purvi Doshi

same is the case with my son.

ruqaiya khan

dear Rimsha , seems like the baby has associated breastfeeding with sleep . she does not know how to fall asleep without a feed. i would suggest to feed her n have some time awake n then put her to bed . dont rock as this too becomes a habit . there will.be tears slowly practice putting baby to bed when she is drowsy . pat her bum slightly to soothe her . after a week with continous effort she will break the breast association

Rimsha Idrees

thanku all..Ruqaiya..in sha Allah I'll try from today...helpful ideas

Ramya Jagan

thanks same problem I m also facing

Sonal S Raja

Hello Rimsha, as your baby is old enough to understand the daily pattern and can demand breastfeed, it will be difficult to just stop this habit initially. Ask someone else to put her to bed as she can smell you and milk and will not sleep if you are putting her to bed. Let her play and be tired and then ask someone else to sing and Humm her to bed. She will be cranky and irritable in the beginning but be consistent for a week to 10 days. Also, do the same for morning naps and evening. Don't feed her before sleeping anytime of the day. Also, try changing your soap, and lotion so that she doesn't associate you with the same smell.

Babita Rawat

I am totally agree with ruqaiya guidence. I have also faced this problem. I fed my son till 2 and now he is 2.4 years old.

Mamata Panigrahi

same problem for me too, but couldn't find right solution, because my baby is very smart, he knows to do very well crying acting, when I usually don't give him breast feeding.please suggest me the right solution,to get ride from this problem

deepika t

Mothers need to be strict and patient. This is what breastfeeding teaches us. I stopped feeding my baby after shez 13 months. She cried initially because she was also used to sleep while feeding. I made it a pattern first 15 days I started feeding her solids at night at around 7pm and milk juz before going to bed Then I asked my husband to put her to bed. He managed her well and used a swing to put her asleep. Then slowly I started sleeping after she was fully asleep. she used to cry alot but I was so strict in implementing this pattern. May be you all can try this

deepika t

It was little easy for because she was just 13 months but bigger kids need much more strictness and patience. Mothers please bear in mind that breastfeeding after 1year of baby's age is just useless because we start eating all junk. For those who tried all but in vain I think bitter gourd juice can be a solution. just apply little bitter gourd juice on to your breast before going to sleep. may be this can help

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