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Hi mommies & experts...wat are the reasons of jaundice in newborn...?? I heard about many cases...plz advice wat care & precautions should b taken before & after delivery to protect baby...wat r the main causes..???

Neha Agarwal

Revauthi Rajamani any idea

Revauthi Rajamani

Hi mommy
Jaundice In new born occurs due to the increased level of RBC, they break down n the release High bilirubin which is the cause of it.
Usually mommy's body removes this bilirubin from your baby through the placenta . After birth your baby's body must get rid of the bilirubin on its own.
But this settles down in few days after delivery.
Nothing like prevention, on the time after the delivery the blood sample is tested for baby.
This is no big issue,in serious cases resulting in jaundice will be treated accordingly
Both my sons had n it resolved in its own
Neha Agarwal
Pooja Trivedi

Kavita Sahany

Hey dear don't worry as of now ...it's due to the increase in bilirubin content and the skin n eyes tends to look pale yellow ...
After the birth doctors give a check and if required treat it and ask you to keep the baby in the morning sunlight for sometime for a month or two. ..
But as of now do it worry about it ...There is no precaution as such but if it happens then they will cure it ...all the best !!

ritu singhal

Hey Pooja,ladies have stated all the facts. Its the bilrubin level which rises in blood,which causes jaundice. There cabt be specific precautions which can be taken to prevent it. However post delivery,ensure that your baby gets nothers milk as the only source of feed. It helps decreasing the bilrubin as mothers milk has antibodies which helps improving the condition. I had csec delivery,so my feed was delayed,i fed my baby next day post delivery. My lo's bilrubin worsened post discharge ( even though we were giving her sunbath every morning). Then she had to be admitted to nicu for 3 days to bring her bilrubin level down. Bilrubin level should be less than 14 in a healthy child. My babys increased to 21 and she was given phototherapy for curing it. But post then all went well! So relax,go with a positive set of mind. All would go well! All the best and blessings your way!

Pooja Trivedi

Thank you so much ladies for always giving helpful responses...
m relaxed now hearing this..Once again thanks to u all...😙

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