My baby is very cranky when she has to sleep either in day time or in nite. She is on breast feeding. Can I use pacifier to make the sleep routine calming as rocking, diverting everything seems to fail. Will it affect her breastfeeding habbit.

Neha Mani Mishra

Pacifiers do get addictive..she is still small so can take a little bit of time to get into a routine..mine did the same..but started sleeping good after 4-5 months..it gets tiring at times I understand..but pacifiers can be difficult to let go later..dress her comfortably..give her a warm bath before sleep time..helps babies to sleep well

Richa Chowdhary

I see ur baby is 2 month old so I won’t suggest pacifier at this age.. babies take time to adjust to any set routine.. if you know her sleep timing then before hand only try to put her to bed and have quiet atmosphere around.. feed her and put her to sleep..

Mahi Gajwani

Pacifier is too early for ur baby ...
Give him massage before bedtime
Soot baby with humming music at night....
Make him feel comfortable in ur lap ...
Sleep matter in early days but after some time u LL be used to it ...

Alpana Sharma

I feel making a baby sleep on my lap and rocking, won't she get habituated to it then later on it becomes difficult to make them sleep independently and in their own beds.Plus she takes both her hands in her mouth and gets irritated too won't she get addicted to thumb sucking in that case

Neha Singhal

Pacifier is nt a good idea.. try n take her on ur shoulder n make her sleep or u can even try singing a song (Lori) to her... Make her calm down first n thn make her sleep by any of these ideas..

ritu singhal

Alpana dear,its too early for her to form a habit of being in lap. We being mothers tend to worry at every smallest thing possible. Dont fret, i would say try giving a pacifier only if you think she is well fed and at that time she doesnt need a feed and see if she takes it. Mine wont take pacifier at all,she spits it out and starts crying. The reason pacifier is not recommended is:
1) it can cause infection,at every use you should sterilize it,if baby spits it out,dont put it back,sterilize and then try
2) it can confuse with hunger cues,lot of times at growth spurt baby needs to eat more to grow,and we might think she just needs to suck gives pacifier and baby gets confused as why she is not getting milk and just a pacifier,so after a few times,she might just get settled with pacifier and her appetite decreases.
3) baby might form a habit of using it as prop to fall asleep
4)baby might get habitual as well..
So to avoid all the above,try offering your breasts..let her latch on for as ling as possible,it will only nourish and nurture the child! It wont last forever,they grow pretty fast. Whatever seems permanent as if now is just a phase and will pass too!
I would recommend not to give pacifier and give her sometime to settle,she will start sleeping herself. All the best!

ritu singhal

No,she wont be habitual of thumb sucking,at this age babies discover their hands and explore them by putting it in their mouth. In sonetine,you will see that ur baby is putting everything in mouth,this is the way babies explore world around them and its essential for their growth. Dont hinder this process by making them wear mittens or thinking she might form habit. She will outgrow this habit post 2 yrs of age on her own ( speaking of the experience of my best friends twins)..okay,next is try and get to the root cause of why your baby is cranky. A lit of times,they just want to sleep ( they are overtired,but they dobt kbow how to sleep themselves), so you need to help her fall asleep by ensuring there is no distraction,she is being fed well at that time and soothe her whatever it takes. Sometimes they are going through growth spurt and wont sleep and would eat at frequent intervals,this is all part of growing up. Sometimes,they just need moms comfort. So just try and see whats the issue with the baby ( might be gas)..and soothe accordingly. You would get to know in a few more weeks as well. Just observe. Happy parenting!

Alpana Sharma

I need to know if in nite I have already fed her nd she is still cranky nd doesn't go to sleep even by rocking or playing music what shuld we do, yesterday only I gave her pacifier she kept on sucking nd without fussing she slept!! Am I expecting too much too early, do music nd setting some sleep routine takes time and patience plus she is happy at that time only in her Grandpa lap plus she wants to suck both her hands. Should I let her do that, will it not be habbit forming.

ritu singhal

Yes alpana,plz let her explore her hands,let her be comfy in her grandparents lap. Its too early to discipline an infant. And how do you know you fed her as much as she needs? Maybe she is going thru growth spurt and needs to eat more often. I would say,feed her on demand.

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