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please help me out my child is naking me frustrated he awakws at midnight and demands fir milk and milk only he olays with nipple and cry alit it makes me feek irtitatwd as i m alome how to manage if thinfs gies like this i will kill nmyself

Heena Sayed

Dear ur baby is only 1 month old he is totally dependent on u his stomach is small wen ever u feed him through urine n potty it comes out he feels hungry every 2hour feed him do make him burbs even m alone my baby is only 2 weeks old I also sometimes gets irritat bt wth to do its God gift as mother v have to take care just our own mother did stay positive enjoy dis phase of lif n b thankful to God u have ur own child sum ppl don't have;

Preeti V

Baby needs to be fed every 3 hours. If this is not done baby will dehydrate leading to bigger problems. Dear Ruchi please try and enjoy every phase of new life don't look it as a burden. If it's too much take help from your family. Stay strong stay positive momma.

Sumira Bhatia

Hey Ruchi ! It can be frustrating . . But hang in there . . Babies initially stay awake during the nights but will start sleeping soon . . Why does he cry ? Maybe he has gas . . Apply Hing paste around the navel . . Try different feeding positions which will allow you to get strength . . Sending you blessings 💞

asha chaudhry

Hey ruchi - hang in there new mommy!! Happy val's day - sending u lots of love. We all hear u coz we have been thru this as well. It is natural to feel like this in the first month. Pls read Rebecca Prakash 's post y'day about how irritated she was just like u! Listen, i m sharing links of a few articles that will really help u. U are not alone. Pls burp baby after every feed. Give baby tummy time (put him on ur chest or tummy) so gas is released. Right now he is very small so wants to be close to u. Does baby like to be swaddled? If so he will sleep well, perhaps?

asha chaudhry

FAQs on Breastfeeding: Sleep problems in the first few months

asha chaudhry

Breastfeeding Basics: How Much And When

asha chaudhry

New Mommy Questions, Answered! - pls read this for sure!

Satarupa B Kaur

Dear dear this is part of parenting.Why be bugged with it?; Since your baby is only on BM you've to ensure every 3 hours he has it else he will not have sufficient food. There will be a routine grdaully but first few months you'll have to see the experiements happening. Make his latch well Your Guide To Latching And Breastfeeding Positions! And ensure you give him tummy time too.;

ritu singhal

Ruchi,sweetheart,i can totally understand what you are going through. At the juncture,i was feeling the same. I would strongly recommend, if at all you can go to your parents place or someone who can help you taking care of baby and yourself,please do so!!
If,theres nobody,please start sleeping in daytime,when your baby sleeps..atleast one stretch your baby will give for 3-4 hrs. Please take rest at that time. And in 24 hrs,if you let your baby sleep for 3-4 hrs at a stretch,it wont harm. For next few months,your baby will be sleeping in day and waking up in night,so just train your brain that ways. Acceptance is the key yar,just embrace this fact that its going to be like this for next two months atleast.
And please please,meditate for a few mins to gather all courage,its difficult but not impossible. We all have done it! You can handle this too. You are strong girl. Stay positive,please vent out here! If you want,you can talk to us as well. Inbox me your number if you feel depressed. Loads of blessings your way!! Stay strong!!

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)

I have been in your shoes darling and I know exactly how tough it is. But the baby is just a month old he is not doing anything intentionally. Babies this age are just trying to learn to live outside your womb. He wants to be in your warmth that makes him feel safe. See this is a phase of life and will pass keep patience for next few months.

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