hi I have a problem while passing urine I have bad itching. and My dr gave me to apply Nuforce cream. is there any home remedy. as it's very irritating and painful.

is it urine infection? what did dr say
if it is then drink barley water
soak rice in water and drink that water twice a day

Hi. Drink plenty and plenty of water. Stay hydrated.

tender coconut,jira water,vala(marathiword) barlie etc body coolant vl help drink plenty of water. It may be due to heat also so intake body coolant foods. avoid chemical soap wash,be clean n hygine

is it because of UTI? If yes, make sure to stay hydrated always.. be it drinking water or any other fluids.. it cures half of the problem. my gyn also suggested cranberry juice n it helped me.. u can try that

and don't use soap, use v wash or something like that

Hi, it is due to change in pH at vagina.Please apply the cream wht ur gyn gave..don't worry it will come down.If u don't see any improvement, contact ur gynecologist, she will change the cream