is it safe to travel with flight for an hour with one month baby?? I have heard that while flight take- off and landing the noise produced can harm the ear drum of baby.....plz suggest

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u can put cotton in baby ears .. but make sure u don't put it so inner...

I agree with Ziya n try feeding ur baby during the travel

hi I would suggest avoid going any wer at this's really harmful for babies going anywer wen the Babu is just 1 month only...

is it safe to travel 2-3 hours by flight in 7 months of pregnancy ?

Hi, Nilofar, you need to take NOC from gynecologist

Hi Mom. I would suggest avoid as the ears are very sensitive. But if you must do ensure you feed the baby while take off and landing. All the best!

my baby is 3 month old she is not going motion regularly once in 5 days

ok.... thank you all so much

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