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Hi momies.. my daughter; is 2 months old. She is having rashes on her private area I have uploaded the image, she cries while passing urine.. how can i treat these rashes pls advice , m using Himalayas diaper rash cream but there is no result.

Satarupa B Kaur

Dear this needs immediate check by a doc. This might be nothing serious but also indicative of infection. Before this spreads,; go visit your paedritician please. And update us too. For some relief try coconut oil atleast that will have no side effects.

Kavita Sahany

Hey keep the baby diaper free..keep the area dry n apply coconut oil or boroline ....while passing urine it burns so the baby must be crying will be fine soon ...keep it open

Balpreet Kaur

OK dear.. thnx for reply

Priya Sood

Hi dear. Even I think you should check with Dr. Avoid diaper


Hi. Please do check this with doctor. Also if using diaper, ensure you clean the area thoroughly while changing either by wet wipes or wash And also change diaper if there is any amount of potty - don't let it stay, it's acidic and causes maximum rashes. I used Himalaya rash cream too but it isn't very effective. Use sebamed, it's slightly expensive but worth it and effective in very less quantity

Palisha Sawlani

Please use sudo cream...even when she doesnt have a rash...i used to apply it daily to my lil one while using daipers and we never had any rash!

ritu singhal

Hey Balpreet,i agree with the moms here. Key is to give some air dry to the genitals; especially the creases. Pat dry at every diaper change and apply thin layer of coconut oil once it dries thoroughly. Some diaper free time is essential too! This needs doc intervention for now! Hope she gets well soon!


Chill it's normal keep ur baby open dont put any clothes down der 4 1day n apply rash cream. It just need air. It might have been happen because of pamper rash or sometimes because of food u give to her or u had eaten.


Hey!! My baby boy also had a diaper rash.. so since last 2 days I have been making him wear only cloth nappy.. and to keep the area dry applied Johnson's baby powder.. I used to apply coconut oil and Himalaya rash cream but not since last 2 days.. the key is to keep the area totally dry.. with cream and oil little moistness remains and when the diaper/ nappy brushes against the skin, then there are chances of the sensitive skin getting red.. at other times it's ok.. but not now when there are rashes.. not sure whether you can put powder down there for a girl though..
But make her wear nappies. I know it's a hassle because of winters..but it will get better.. make her wear a plastic panty on top of the nappy and in the afternoon sit out with her in the that the area gets some air..


And don't rub the area with wipes.. just pat it dry if required..


Check with doctor. Please give her some Diaper free time and use Mothersparsh water wipes.

Dhani Singh

Please check with the doctor and also give Diaper free time. This will definitely help you. Also use water based wipes for cleaning. I prefer Mothersparsh wipes

Shadwali Singh

Oh my this is severe; Please see a doctor and don't rub, gently wipe using Mothersparsh wipes only.

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