hello mommies...i really need your help...all of a sudden my baby started having loose motions approx 10-12 daily...i m giving her anti diarrhoeal suspension but seems of no use...her bottom.has become reddish...stool routine suggests acidic mucous stool ...is it becouse of teething or something else...its horrible to see baby crying

minaxi singh

asha chaudhry Sonam patel

Neha Agarwal

Getting an expert to help you.

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Teething won't cause loose motion its a myth, keep your hydrated,offer mashed banana thats a good binding agent and consult your dr at the earliest. Bf as much as possible.

Durga Salvi

Teething ke karan baby ko loose motion nahi hua.baby ko kisi food se ya har chiz mouth me lene se infection hota hai.aap doc se consult kriye.

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

It may be stomach bug.. anti diarrheals will not help much.. try to feed baby- mashed banana, curd rice, moong dal khichdi etc.. try to maintain the fluid level.. offer baby Oral rehydration solution as much as possible..

Sowmya Prithvi (sonu)

Plz consult doctor.. u can give rice or sabudana water/porridge..


Same problem was with my baby. Dear pls don't delay . Consult Dr. Urgently. Give coconut water. Stop milk. Give more n more water with salt. Don't feed any fruit n milk products. Give rice water

Cheni Adukia

Please see a doctor.

Pooja Dixit

Please consult doctor .

Sonam patel

Minaxi better to see the doc. Feed baby mashed banana, curd and overcooked rice and keep hydrated. You can give ORS, more water, soups and juices.
Hope baby feels better soon.

minaxi singh

I have already shown to doctor....he suggested to do test for lactose intolerance...i dont understand how cone suddenly she can develop lactose intolerance

asha chaudhry

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa can lactose intolerance happen at this stage?

asha chaudhry

Hang in there minaxi - u already hv perfect advice. It spunds like a tummy bug for sure. Pls follow dr's advice. Tc

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Minaxi,,, have you tried feeding binding foods?? since how many days she is suffering from loose bowels??

minaxi singh

Since 3 days...now i hav got stool repport there is traces of amoebiasis...so wht should i do now?Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; mam

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Minaxi,,, firstly it is very common type of stomach infection in babies and toddlers.. need not to worry.. your doctor will treat with the anti parasitic treatments like metronidazole syrups and it will help to kill the amoebas inside.. your work is to maintain the fluid level, make sure to feed atleast 20spoons of ORS water for one episode of loose stools.. the baby should not get dehydrated.. keep a check on pee count as well.. it will take around one week of time to get treated..

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Make sure to clean your hands with excess hand wash after changing baby's diaper and cloths.. because the infection may spread quickly.. make sure to dispose the napkins soon after changing it.. if you are using cloth diapers, then wash the napkins thoroughly with hot water and without any stains..

minaxi singh

Thanku so much everyone..it was; very helpful


Give coconut water

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