my baby is 7months old..what should I feed her?

u can give her kichdi , fruits n veggitable puree n soups, rice kaa pani, daal ka pani ...

Dhara is right. Pl avoid cerelac if u can give home made options. packed cerelac avoid. you can also make home made cerelac which ie much much healthier. have you checked weaning recipes on Babychakra? tonnes of them on it.

avoid any packed foods unless u traveling n can't carry a portable cooker...I have been feeding my baby fruits n dalia n vegetable hardly takes time to neha said got the recipe from the articles on the app...very useful..dalia n khichdi are absolutely healthy items...n honestly no need to blend n make extremely puree...I only Cook n then pass it through a seeve...if dalia u can add lil breast milk to make consistency accordingly..

Try these super fun recipes. Make them and post a pic here so we know how it came out :))

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