Very tensed and pissed off!!!
My husband loves me a lot and do whatever i want; ,,
Love care all
But he has a habit to do smoke which I really hate ,, when he do I start cry ,, dnt talk to him feeling very bad like I'm giving hurt to myself and my baby inside me , and my hubby.
He smokes thrice in a week,, what to do ladies please help me out ...I'm really tensed and he is very indifferent about all this


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Rebecca Prakash Komal Savaliya Neelam sinoliya Garima Singla Parul Johari Aradhana Sharma Kartik Kujur Nilofer shaikh Jigna Kritika Lall Satarupa B Kaur Aditi Adlakha

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)

Calm down darling... I m sure he must be working towards quitting to smoke as you can see he has controlled it to 3 lights per week. U need to encourage him positively to do that. And stay away while he smokes or ask him to go out of house when he smokes as passive smoking is dangerous for baby. I m sure he will understand.

asha chaudhry

Hi anon thrice a week is better than thrice a day. As long as he doesnt smoke in front of u or baby and goes outside its ok. Trust me when baby starts growing up he will quit. A friend of mine is a smoker and his child is 3 yrs old. I hv seen how much he has changed! Pls dont cry. And be happy he is not hiding from u.

Nisha Dayal

I am sure he is working towards quitting because he's smoking only thrice a day.; Please appreciate him for smoking less.; Definitely he will quit soon be patient.; All the best

Sumira Bhatia

Anon I feel when it comes to smoke or any habits, people don't stop till THEY want to . .talk to him tell him you don't like . .; But do it calmly . . Kyunki abbhi he tells and does and if he you complain too much then he might not even tell you . . Once the baby comes, he will automatically reduce . . I know my husband did

Kartik Kujur

I think he understands it himself that it may harm the baby. But you should also know that though mothers develop bond with the baby as soon as they know they are pregnant, fathers usually develop that bond either after the baby is born or sometimes even after couple of months post birth. So just have patience and calmly try to explain him when he is in a good mood. I'm sure he will get it. And mind you crying makes it only worse for both of you as well as the unborn baby. And I've heard about Nicotine patch. Maybe that may help. You can ask him to give it a try.

Mrs Chhoker

It is not that easy to quit any addiction as we think he is trying don't worry, at least he has reduced its frequency, you never know sonetimes ppl leave their addiction overnight I have seen it, not everything is perfect in this world

Zegna Fayas

I think you got answer dear give him some time he will quit it by arrival of ur bsby


Thank you for your answer my friends ,,He smokes outside ,, sometimes with his friends and sometimes lonely; his parents dnt know about it.
He likes his friend and I asked him ki mai aapko aapky dosto k pass nhi jany dungi, Kya kru M?
asha chaudhry Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)


Don't think too much avoid any stress it will affect the baby..
Just get away from ur hubby or anyone who is smoking...its bad for ur health as well as ur baby..


nancy singh (@the_foodswingss)

manvi bhandari

Anon, dnt be strees. Hubby se aram se baat karo jab woh ache mood mai ho. Unhe jayada bologe ya jayada restrict karoge to hosakta unhe irritation ho nd isse woh jayada kare ya apse chupaye. Slowly slowly unhe samjhao nd bolo ki baby par bhi iska galat asar hoga nd unki health par bhi. Slowky he will understand it. Nd when baby arrives, that bond of father nd baby vl make him understand


Don't stress about it . Away from him when he smoke.

Harneet (clanpedia)

I wud say just let him be. Men and women both need their me time and its an imp part; you can probably just ask him go out and smoke. The more u force him, the more stubborn he will be, to not let it go. respect his me time and let him feel it himself

Rebecca Prakash

Common dear give him some freedom, he loves you a lot so you need to understand him as well. I know it's hazardous to health but he is an adult who knows the pros and cons.

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)

U just need to give him space. U can't and shouldn't control everything in his life. U don't want him to start hiding things from you too right just the way he is doing from his parents

Aditi Adlakha

Give him space to meet his friends. That's important , otherwise he will feel confined. If he smokes thrice in a week,I am sure he will quit once your baby arrives. You can keep telling him this off and on when you both are talking, but that should be very polite saying" I understand that you smoke less, but still I want you to try quitting that slowly for our love and baby "

Sonam patel

Anon...He smokes thrice a week... I know some people who can smoke 20 a day... You know sometimes you need to give space... Don't fight always. He is an adult...He knows about its cons...He will stops once child grows up... And see he loves and respects you so much that he smokes outside the house. Chill and may be someday when you both are alone and in a good mood talk about your baby and about smoking. He will understand. Cheer up and take care.

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