Hii mommies..

I m in need of weaning recipes for my little one REYANSH..

He is 4mobths 21days old...

I will start weaning him after 6 months..;

What. Would be the first weaning food I should offer him...??

I read many articles regarding ragi too want to recipes for the to introduce ragi...

N I have heard of giving exotic fruits to little one ...

But as I stay in diu we don't get such fruits....

Pls help...

I want to take a note of recipes n stick in kitchen...

Is this myth or truth don't know... whether dal rice water can be introduced for weaning..;

hi mahi, how exciting! we have lots of informative articles on weaning. pls read everything on @weaning foods - i will share some links right now. we also have detailed @weekly meal plans for 6+ months onwards - pls follow them as well. all the best! good to see you reading up and getting ready!!!

A Beginner’s Guide to Weaning foods

Weaning Foods for Indian Mums: Khyati's Checklist

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I also started with rice water and then went on to dal & rice. Tagging Yogini Kandre who can suggest better

Weekly Meal Plans #Week1 (6+ months)

Read ur article about Aarini fav pumpkin rice...n dhoodhi receipes ..
asha chaudhry
Will surely make a note on this tagged articles..
Thanks alott

Oh wow mahi!!!! Awesome. Listen recently everyone shared their #firstfood and #weaningstories; - just go to search and type those hashtags - u will get all the feedposts!

Hi Mahi, As Asha shared there are many useful articles here. In your free time do look through our article section

Read this AMA session I have conducted this, will be helpful for you, take care, happy weaning

Thanks allot
asha chaudhry for ur help
Priya Sood I m going through the articles n taking a note of it..
Yogini Kandre yes sure will go through

Good luck Mahi for this...may Reyansh be blessed!!..will try and share my experience and recipes.

Tq Mahi Gajwani I too was looking for a similar post
tq all mommies For d links 😘😘