My baby has completed his 11 months but still he is standing in very tensed

..he had not even crawled he sits not by own v make him sit...

Hi! Welcome to BabyChakra. Every child is different and will reach milestones on its own pace. Do check out our articles for useful information . Some kids actually skip crawling and walk at a much later stage. Pls keep your pediatrcian advice in mind just in case to see if all is well on course. All the very best.

Please see ur paediatrician n tell all these.They will assess n suggest. Please don't postpone.May i know more details of delivery? whether it is normal or c-sec, in which month,

it was normal 9 months 12 days
My due date was 14 job 2015 but my baby took birth on 19 job.

Ok, Please see paediatrician n explain everything. Let him check the baby directly. Don't worry.Please see the doc.

Doc might ask u to see physiotherapist. Physiotherapist will teach few techniques n exercises which will help baby to reach milestones..

Ok...I will consult paediatrician...

Ok...I will consult paediatrician...