hi all mom's, I even wanted to know about grip water? my Sweety hs just completed her one month,
When can we give her grip water?
is it safe?

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Are you breastfeeding your child ? Is your child suffering from gas?

Woodward is best in gripe water, n u can give it after 3 months

if u r breast feeding ur child n she has has gas problems, then u can give Neopeptine, it is best n it is safe, my son is 4 months old n i still give him d same

It is safe. To be used if your baby has gas. Ensure you burp the baby and give baby tummy time.

also check that gripe water should be alcohol free, as wood ward is.

Do check that your latching position is correct and you are burping your baby properly. If not, it will lead to gas issues and colic. If all of this is done properly, your baby won't need anything

don't give gripe water your baby is too small..give only breastfeeding or formula milk...gripe water you can give after six...for colic pain you can use colicoid..

Gripe water has minute levels of alcohol which sedates the baby. So it relieves the irritation of the gas n allows the baby to be calm. Its not recommended to use Gripe water even if the packet mentions alcohol free Gripe water.
Instead, check on your latching, burp the baby after every feed, give tummy time to baby, apply hing around navel, eat nutritious foods.
Quick tip - Breast and its milk is best for all till 1st 6 months

bonnisan is an ayurvedic remedy for gastric problems n is not harmful for the baby....

Really helpful, thank u all frnds

after 5 month... don't give anything without brestmilk..

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