Hello Dear,

I left giving feeding to my twins as they are 1 and half year old... But my query is they both awake at late night and cry alot they didn't take anything i tried to give cow milk, water or any food but they didn't take..

Please suggest me what should i give them while they fall a sleep soon and didnt awake in night..

Very good question and must be a challenge indeed. Dr Gorika Bansal pl advise

Did you try to add flavours to the milk... Like cardamom a bit....

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Hey ambika i hear u. Is there any fruit they real like? Do u think u cud make a fruit shake at nite before u sleep? I personally dont like giving cold stuff but since summer is nearing a fruit shake with absolutely no ice in a fancy straw tall glass might look appealing. Do they hv a fav cartoon character yet? Get that glass or sipper or mug for them. Sometimes it works! U can even add amul pro wth DHA in babies' milk. Hope this works out for u...

Hello Asha
I tried they drink milkshakes but at late night again they awake and cried

Hello Revauthi
I add flavours but at late night when they cry they didn't take anything at all

Offer water n chk dear could be dryness of throat too

Its tough ambika. When we were weaning my childoo we used to take her out for a car drive :( she wud stop crying and go to sleep with a bottle in her hand :( we live in goa so it was safe to be out at nite at any hr. And we have been out at every hour during this weaning process. Tc. Pls be patient. Do they like music?

Bath? Or Cutting Down Naps? Whatever Works to Get my Baby to Have a Sound Sleep, Please!

Thanks Asha its really helpful...

I tried to give them bottles but they both didn't take it.. So its more tough

Hi try giving water at night

Hey Ambika. U will be the best judge of what really works with your children. I know wit twins it’s tough. Let me tag a couple of twin mums to see if they have any advise for you ? Lage raho Munna bhai! Tumhari Jeet hogi

Btw is there any pattern like one cries more often than the other? Have u been able to identify the trigger of that one miscreant crying ? :)

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Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

Hey did you try making them sleep in two different rooms so that one doesn't wake the other...just before sleep full them with milk...I never ever added any flavours to can't say about that..

Hello Neha..
Its not like that one cries then other also..
But when i put once into the bed then within half n hour the other awake.. So it breaks the sleep..

Hello Sulbha
I tried but its not work.. Both of them wants me... One touch my cheeks other touches my hands

I tried evey type of milk.. Flavoured, Kawa but they didn't drink

Hey Ambika I will suggest ask for help from hubby or inlaws or parents or caretaker..They'll sooth one and you sooth the at this age become clingy and cranky..have you tried to setup a routine..
Like I always followed a routine from 5 months for my twins as we stay in nuclear setup..
Setting a routine helped me and hubby both...

Hi , babies tend to get their molars when they are 13-18 months which hurts , more so at night. That could be one reason . Hope their weight is apt and they eat well as empty tummy would make them fuss. Do not force feed . Give them variety of colourful foods , finger foods so they can self feed themselves . Have a set bedtime routine for both . Babies love predictable routine . When they drift into light sleep and start moving and cooing then you pat them or sing a lullaby which soothes them and they drift off into deep sleep . There is another method Ferber method wherein you attend to the baby after a minute of crying so they learn to self soothe themselves . Hope this helps !

Ambika Gohil
First u need to identify why they are crying. It could be one or many of the following reasons:
1. Hunger
2. Acidity
3. Fear/ need of mothers touch
4. Disturbance
5. Teething.
Since ur kids are 1 year old, i am assuming they must be mostly on solids and 2-3 feed of milk in a day. Check if they are having enough fluids and are not constipated.also make sure they have their stomach full and not hungry.
Sometimes gas and stomach ache can cause uneasiness.
Kids might fear something and have a bad dream, eventually wake up and cry. U will have to comfort them and sleep talk so that they over come any fear.
Sometimes any disturbance like light, noise, room temperature can interupt their sleep and they react. So; check on this too
And if the cry is dur to teething, cheeck for any swelling in gums and talk to ur doc for any medication.
Hope this helps.