Hi, my baby feels quite shy in front of others except me and his papa. Usually he talks too much at home in my presence but become dumb when met others same behaviour at school. Please help me out.

Ok..I think he must be a little shy..take him to park or some play dates..he will gradually open up when between kids..also it is too early to say about whether he is dumb or not..some kids are just a little shy when small but are ok when they grow a little big..just encourage him to say hi to people he meet..and let him take his own time to open up..

Thanks for suggestion. We go to park daily. He promised me daily that he will say to everyone he meet in park. But as usual he put a ziplock on his lips as he put his step out of house

Hi anon, play dates help. Invite a friend he likes over to ur house with his/her mom to play. It really helps

Pls read all the helpful articles under Toddler Behaviour

Also try and go for toddler activities near ur house like story reading sessions at a childrens library. Hobby classes really help

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I would suggest don't pressurize him to speak to strangers. He will open up. Few kids don't find it safe or comfortable speaking to others. There are introverts and there is nothing wrong in that. Tell his class teacher to involve him in creative group activities. With his age he will open up as much is required.

Same was the case with my daughter when she was this age..blame it on nuclear family set up or less familiar people around...just see if he opens up in front of say his grandparents...maasi..mama.if yes, then he doesn't feel safe with strangers. But as we live in a society being social is important. We need to teach our kids to befriend right people...even 2 good friends are ok...don't pressurize him at all..may be he is finding or will find his bestie in school...tell him about your childhood..friends etc...involve him in may be 2-3 day activity where he gets into team work with other kids...will open up soon...Best wishes.

Its fine. No need to worry. Baby is not comfortable to speak more. And also...some kids are more observing and storing new things in their tiny brain. As days passby...thing will settle. Its mostly kids have this tendency.; Also.. dont strict kid too much. Let baby be free. Make sure to give time to socialise. Plan for outings frequently.;

Hey anon.. it’s completely fine... give your child little time... take your child to meet his / her friends after school like play date.. also let your child play in park with our kids... let ur child be and you see what’s are his / her interest... slowly they start opening up.. invite friends at home so ur child can play and still be at his own self

Please don't pressurize him to talk to strangers.; Take him to park organise play dates.; If he is not going to any school enrol him in a play school.; Take care all the best

Hi.. Its probably just his personality.; Some kids are more keen observers and that's perfectly fine. In the right company, he will talk. I might be wrong, but perhaps you might need to boost his confidence levels a little. If a child feels lesser self worth, he might be reluctant to open up in front of others out of fear if being judged.

U say everyday but don't; pressurize him