Q: baby is 4 months old now, since my baby is on formula feed completely i need to knw wen to start on semi solids.... if so hw often should i feed my baby semi solids???

u can start solids wen d baby is 6 months....give only 1 tbspn in d bgng. den u can give 2-3 tyms a day after a week or so....

thank u anjana... wat food should i start with??? is cerelac good or home made foods???

home made food is good for baby

after five months.. try to avoid the health mixture package.. prepare yourself for your baby..

home made food is best.... banana powder can be mixed with water and boiled,stirring continuously until it becomes a bit thick,this can be given on a daily basis 3 times a day....cerelac also can be used for convenience....I too give my baby cerelac wen I'm too busy to cook or wen I'm travelling....