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hi... im 32 weeks pregnant now... I feel very tired nowadays.. not feeling hungry.. does it happen like this in 8th month... or is this something to worry... ?!!! please guide me

don't worry deepthi... it's normal in this month n it will happen in the next two months. I'm also felt that symptoms... bcoz baby occupies the abdomen

its common dear,there's nothing to be concerned about...

how to get rid of this?

keep on moving do walk eat little in 2 ,3 hours.every thing vl be ok god bless u

watevr we do,we don't feel hungry but juz don't think u shudnt eat at all....u shud eat as much food that u eat everyday....

Hi. Tiredness is common but there are things you can do. Drink plenty of fluids - water, juices, milk shakes, salads. Take plenty of rest as well. You need it! All the very best