Please answer my query and if anyone can read face of my daughter please tell me i will send picture..

Dear Khushi, I'll answer your query in a while. Also, our expert moms too will answer for sure. Don't tense up dear.

khushi - we have answered and have also tagged an expert (psychologist) on ur post. facereading is not the solution khushi. pls seek professional help. there is nothing wrong in seeking professional help. counselling will help you as a parent and also will help you manage your child better since she is going through a difficult phase. pls read my comments carefully on ur previous question. tc

As all are saying... please take help from the expert. What is your lil angels name? Please you be positive and relaxed.

Roopashree her name is Tanveeka

I feel its just like my daughter. She need you and your attention. You can do one thing. Dont pamper kid too much. And also..dont discuss things in front of her. Take her out everyday and let her play with other kids.; Cutoff tv or mobile completely. Talk to a school where in they will allow you also for summer camps. Summer camp will help kids to ease. Till school is reopened... send her to summer camps. Let she get bored also at home. If she completely hates that school. Change for the other one. Even my girl cried whole 2 months and refused to go each single day. When all become strict at home... and when she realises after all crying, we are not bending.; She started going to school. Once she was quite.. and later started enjoying. Now its fine. Even is not her first option. Slowly she will learn. Is she stick to you at home all the time? Is she still having your milk?

you are right. she doesn't stay anywhere without me.. even i can't go outside for 5m without her .one day she was sleeping and i left her with my MIL and went to frd house .That house is next to my house. Suddenly she waked up and started crying too much; then i heard and came back.. she always want me to stay around her then she is happy and she will play herself and she will enjoy.And about milk i didn't breast feed her. She was in formula milk and expressed breast milk..; like school she had refused breast also when she was only 4 months old😢 this time i am feeding my second baby but she has no problem with her sister. She likes her.; She has only one problem she doesn't want to go school other than she is fine . she is only 3.5 years old but speaks like 5 years girl and understand everything. She likes to play with elder kids like 5-6 years.. doesn't like to play with 3 years kids..About school i ask her so many times why you dont want to go she said mamma i like home i dnt like school. I asked her to change school then she says this is my school i will not go new school.

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