Hai mommy's, I m 21weeks pregnant but I m not feeling my baby movement

From how much time, have e you tried drinking cold water and then lying on your left side for some time and observe moments.

Mujhe high BP hai isliye mujhe bohot daar hore

If you are so scared why to take; chance first of all try what I said, and if you are still not sure visit your gynac. Don't eat oily, spicy food eat lot of water to control BP

Hello dear.. drink lots of water.. keep hydrates your body.. you also try some sweet and cold... If no response thn you should consult your doctor ASAP

My ultrasound scan report is normal & my gynac is telling everything is ok but I m not feeling my baby movement

You won't feel movements in that sense but only twitches vibrations and flutters at times when completely calm and at rest.

Have some sweet and water .lie on ur left side.u wl; feel movements

Always better to check with your gynaecologist during pregnancy because every pregnancy is different. Keep your doctors phone number handy and call her first whenever you feel something is not normal. Better to be safe than being Sorry.