Hi Doc, we have discussed this earlier. My blood group is o negative and hubby's b positive and you as well as my gyno suggested that since coombs is negative and it's my first pregnancy, one anti D shot right after delivery is what's needed.; But I read this article on BBC -- attaching screen shot -- and am confused. Should I relax and just ignore this? Pls help.; Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

Satarupa I was not aware of all this in my pregnancy in fact nobody asked for my husband blood group can you plz guide me what is this all about

Seems like if mommy has negative group and hubby positive group, the baby might have chances of having either group. So if mommy baby group clashes, there could be antibodies arising that cause an attack in the next pregnancy. For this first pregnancy, there's no risk,; but am worried bout when to take the preventive injection. My gyno and dr.shilpitha say take 24 hours post delivery, whatever the baby blood group. But this article Top 8 Pregnancy Complications You Need To Be Aware Of is confusing me today.

My group is B negative and husband s is AB positive my Coomb test too came negative so my doctor said nothing to worry and she will take care after delivery. So after my daughter was born first thing they did was blood test to find her group and she is AB positive like her dad. Immediately within 72 hrs time they gave Anti D. I too read this and got worried but u spoke to my doctor and few other friends who had this issue. So your doctor is is correct, relax.

Yar mine is a - husband is a+ but my son is O+ so do I have to worry

Mrs Chhoker this is done only when the pregnant woman has negative blood group.

Thanks Becca. thanks a tonne. sometimes info overload kills me. Thanks darling. So; Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa and my doc both are right and I'll chill. just will ensure within 72 hours, to get the shot.

Mrs Chhoker I don't think so coz you have sailed through delivery and I am sure your doctor knew back then what's right :)

Yes you are right before the mom's negative and baby's positive could mingle the baby is delivered so not an issue for the first baby. That's why anti D is given to protect the next baby from several Jaundice. Coomb test is also done as an precautionary act. All well Satarupa B Kaur relax.

And I have a story to tell here. With the cord blood the test were given for thyroid diabetes blood group and HB count. The great metropolis did not take our number and tried calling the hospital to let them know that the cord blood had dried so they could not do the test.. My doctor kept asking those nurses what happened to the test result because the injection should be given before 72 hrs. After lot of hungama they took the blood again and did the test.. My anti D was given exactly at the 70th hour.. My entire family were angry for this last minute injection but ignored it as everything ended well. So be at the back of your doctor for the test results.

Oh my god. Such crap happens in our medical systems at times. Yes.. I am thinking how and where to set reminders exactly. We can carry mobiles to the Hospi even in labour kya?? Assuming I'll have labour.

Hi Satarupa
It happened to my sister, but eventually injection given, post delivery... She was negative and her hubby was positive.
You can keep your in mates who will be there at the hospital,informed about this injection, ur hubby with all the explanations necessary, ur mom too. This can save you from last minute chaos

Hey Rebecca Prakash my blood group is A+ but my hubby's blood group is wat say in this case..

It will not be issue because in most cases the blood group will be positive for the baby. Mom and baby s blood group is what matters. But but incase if your baby gets negative from father then it will be different. Did you speak with your gynaecologist about this? Do check with her if anything should be done after delivery.

Na ..not yet but sure I will speak to her when I meet her next..thanku dear..😘

😁😁😁 welldone SK's pregnancy hormones are on roller coaster ride... chill karo!!!

They are engaged in bull fighting rather like a matador. Thanks dear Doc.