hello mums..

my baby boy will b of 4 month on 2nd november..

m happy that he now started holding things but m so worried bcz anything he take he just wanted to put it in his mouth whether it is cloth, toy, remote , bottle anything whatever u give he just take it to his mouth..

so is it safe..???

does it cause stomach infection ..??

cz he is having loose motion frm almost 15 days medicine are going on the timing has reduced from 6,7 time to 3,4 time bt the poo is still like liquid..

what would i do ..???

plss help...

same happen with my baby month mei kerte hai....bus hygiene ka dhyan rakho...tym tym pe hand clean karo..

nails cut kerke rakho..

Hi. Ur babies explore the world this way. For them if they have to know anything, then they will chew it and see and feel it. Secondly their buds of teeth are also forming so that irritation makes them take everything in the mouth and keep chewing it.
Maintain the general hygiene of your baby s nails. Don't restrict them. Demands which are heard go away.

plz give information abt CATALYD DROPS & BEVON DROPS

bevon drops are good as it is a multivitamin doc suggested it for my child. m using it

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