hi my 15 days old boy baby is vomitting a lot milk from yesterday too much.. and got acne on his face a lot. pls suggest what to do??

If baby is vomitting whole milk then s overfed.

if he is burping and vomitting littlebit, or farting then he has gastric. Give woodwards for that. also pat on his back after every feed to overcome gas problem....

Is this formula or breastfeed? Ideally he should not be feeding on anything else but breastfeeding. If still that's happening, burrp him, wear your baby in an ergonomic carrier. Check your diet for anything that might be bothering him. If you have done all of that, please check with your pediatrician for lactose intolerance.

As advised by Babychakra expert, Dr Aarushi Upadhyay, Pediatrician and homeopathy

15 days baby cannot get acne. It may b sum allergic reaction or mosquito bites.
Stop top feed n give only yor bm. If thts less then give zerolac powder. N if too much vomiting then give emeset drops , only 3-4 drops 2-3 times a day for 2-3 days