my 9 months old baby boy doesn't sleep properly in the night.... he doesn't take feeder...takes bm whole night...he gets up 6 to 7 times in the night for feed and doesn't leave breast sucking...i can't sleep....

how should I put him on sleep properly?

Hi Suhana. Baby at 9 months may be wanting comfort feed. Try to make him comfortable and soothe him during the night. Before sleeping ensure that baby is properly fed

ok i'll make sure that he's properly fed... thanks

mine also baby do this he just three week old..i give me milk with feeder in the night ...then he sleep properly nd mine also..somtime baby suffer from stomach pain nd rashes on take care...

ok but he doesn't take feeder n milk in any utensil... n i think mine is not sufficient...

dear Suhana , a 9 month old does not need a night time feed.the baby has gotten a habit to.fall asleep only with.breast feeding . stop.the night feeds try to put him to sleep without any milk . pat him till he calms down n.let him fall asleep own his own

i pat him n shouts n cries badly.... but this is the only way to change his habit...
i will try... thanks dear

dear Suhana , dont let him cry for too long , pat him again to calm.him . first night it will be hardest . but all babies within a week do sleep . there is something abt day 7 wen u continously try . pat him calm him n let him sleep.himslef . he cries then pat him again do.this n baby soon understands mom cares for him n jus helps him fall asleep .

sure will do... thanks a lot dear ruqaiya

I feel.its early to stop night feeds. baby is still adjusting to eating solids and may still be hungry in the night. do not let him cry too much for your feeds.

exactly i was thinking the same... still he is not eating solids properly... thats y i couldn't stop night feed... but he wakes 7 to 8 times n doesn't leave breast... this makes me too tired and dull...

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