My baby boy bits everything . :-(  like peper, pencil ,copies,book,nails and many more  things .plz mom give me any solutions what can I do??

Hello Sai. Many moms have the same issue. The only thing we can do is to distract baby and tell them repeatedly thats its not good and is dirty...will cause tummy pain.

Dear Sai Poonam,
The biting behaviour is just symptomatic. We need to know the reason for this biting behaviour.
Is it out of Boredom?
Is it because of a sensory issue?
Is it because of emotional issues?
Observe him over next few days and make a note of when the behaviour occurs.
Once the exact reason is identified, the appropriate steps can be taken to deal with the behaviour.
Here a Behavioural Analyst can help identify the function of the behaviour and can guide you with a step by step plan to work on.
Alternatively you can take help of the school counsellor.
Best wishes!!!

Thanks dear kaushal ji

Hey in medical you will get one medicine .. u can chk

Ji mai medicine de rhi hu

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