is it necessary to put baby under the sun for few months after birth? does ir make bone strong? does it affect the skin tone of the baby??

Sonali Shivlani

Exposure to morning sunlight will help baby absorb vitamin D3. This vitamin is essential for calcium absorption and hence yes it helps in the building of bones. Morning indirect sunlight for ten to fifteen minutes will not affect the skin tone.


Pls keep baby in the morning sun so the rays are light in that time. All the best

Ruby Singh

Very true.... morning sunlight is good for babies to get healthy bones.

Tamanna Khatter

yea its important..lil exposure to sunlight around 5-10minutes in d morning n As Vitamin-D plays a very important role in absorption of calcium.lts important fr everyone especially fr new born babies n yes It affects d skin tone if u vl give a direct exposure of sunlight to ur baby which isnt gud..lil exposure of sunlight during morning whn d rays r nt high its gud fr babies..now days many new born babies r born vid jaundice.So doctors suggests indirect exposure of sunlight in d morning fr 5-10minutes.

Sheeba Vijesh

exposure to sun is good.. but for very small children, be sure to protect their eyes, as it is very sensitive...

Lavanya Dhayalan

due to summer season early morning sun light is good for baby health & it protect baby from jondice...

suchismita patro

Yes you should keep them in light morning sunlight around 7 to 8 am. After that sun increase its intensity which may affect small babies so morning sun light is food for vitamin D3

Priya Ghosh

My doc had told to expose baby in morning sun rays till 9 am , this is for Vitamin D and nowadays all babies are born with mild jaundice so this will help cure that as well, just in case baby has it

Sandhya Sandya

dear friends I am not able to feed my baby with my milk what to do


for how many days expose to sunlight is required. my baby is 35days old.he does not have jaundice.

Priya Ghosh

Ranu Chauhan not required now but you can give morning sunlight for 5 mins

Ekta Khatri

yes, it Will neccesary,but keep baby in the morning  sun and also massage baby with oil while baby was keep in the morning  Sun that will help more to make bones strong

Mahi Sharma

the sunlight of before 11 am is mild and gud for ur baby .... as he / she get vitamin D3 which important for human body..... and this mild sun light will never affect ur baby skin tone

Macdalin Suresh Andrew

yes, its necessary to keep our baby over mrng sunlight for jst 15mts.. and importantly it doesn't affect babys skin tone.. as well mother also shld spent little time n mrng sunlight will helps to maintain vD3.

Sheeba Rizvi

yes it's a must to expose baby under the sunlight for 5 to 10 minutes daily but make it sure that baby gets sunlight of early morning I mean before 8am coz after that coz of ultra violet rays it will be harmful for the baby. but morning rays are main n very affective source of Vitamin D which very important for bones

Arwa Hozefa

Yes morning sun is very good for the baby  .

Jasmeet Kaur

yes morning sunrise n evening sunset time like arnd 5 6 pm

Veena Vachhani

yes, its important to provide vitamin D to baby. also it has to b done early morning in order to avoid any tanning of the skin

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