would love to know from experienced moms whether malish /massage is necessary/helpful for the mother & new born from an external person...

Priyanka Paul

ya it's very mch help full

fashionHut India

yeah massage is necessary for u and your new born after delivery..u need a massage from external person n for ur baby u can do it by urself

Suhana Shangani

my baby used to cry loudly during massage from external person...n doctor also said massage ur baby with gentle soft hands then i started doing his massage so he njoys that...
but for mother u shud get massage done from external person necessarily....

Tamanna Khatter

yea its vry much helpful n I would suggest do d massage of ur lil one by your own.so dat your lil one can enjoi dat malish time..n most importantly have u heard about touch therapy..you both can enjoi dis massage time n your lil one vl get to knw ur touch n cn feel warmth of love n care in your hands..It vl help u to make ur bond vid ur lil one in one more way n whn it comes to u.I would suggest u to get ur massage done by some experienced maalish wali
Happy motherhood!

Palisha Sawlani

I got mine and my daughters maalish done from a proper malishwali... for my daughter for almost 1 1/2 yr...she used to massage her...make her have a bath and wash her clothes too after the massage wud feed my daughter and she wud sleep peacefully

Roopashree Siddireddy

yes it's helpful. But a known and experienced person should do. Some will handle baby roughly and they say... nothing will happen, baby will be strong. I feel massage for mom from other is fine. But it's better if mom gives massage to baby... a lovely bond is created. and who else can handle right apart from mother. Baby and mom will have good time and both will learn.

Preeti P

thank u all even I have been in favour of massaging baby myself as it's more of a bonding time. glad to know most of you have done the same & advocate it too.

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Yes, it is very important for baby growth and everyday i massage my baby then bathing after that, she feel so relaxed. If you can maalish do it yourself if not take help of your mother or maalish wali.

Sheeba Vijesh

i think its better to get an experienced maalishwali to do massage for mother, and baby for a couple of days she can show you... they have some nice techniques, which if done properly can help release tension in baby's joints and muscles... then mother can do it herself... its my opinion, and that's how i did for my son...

Sonam Bansal

yes of course dr a proper massage of both baby n mum has to be done by the hands of a professional maalishwaali. it is excellent for both, Mumy has to be given massage wid mustard oil n baby wid olive oil use wheat dough for massaging baby.. it is Vry useful.

Yashoda Sharma

I never gave my kids to anybody to do massage.. they do it very harshly. I believe to give it by yourself. You can get videos on Google. but mother can take it actually helps to regain some energy and to relax the body.


yes...  massage is necessary and with oil is good

Divya Gagwani

which oil is preferable for both mother n kid..?

Sonam Bansal

for Mother mustard oil n for baby olive oil n massaging with wheat dough making d baby skin more smoother n shinny

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