Hello, I am flying to Bangalore from Delhi next week with my 3 month old baby. Requesting things that should be kept in mind while flying with infant of this age.

1) Can I carry pre-boiled water for infant formula, how and what quantity?

2) Do babies of this age get fussy due to air pressure and how can we clam them?

3) Any important tips for take off/ landing?

even i glued last month with my baby when he was 2 nd half month.carry boiled water in a small flask which can fit in yr bag...that will help you .also while you are in flight you can bf ..it won't be a problem.. also try and keep him normal..do things that you normally do don't add on anything ..kid Ll be fine

I have read somewhere that giving babies something to swallow, like bm or formula when plane takes of or lands can help with preventing air pressure induced pain in ears. I don't have personal experience though.

yes ur rite sheeba...u can breastfeed during takeoff and landing that will prevent ear pressure drops.if she is gettinf fussy engage her with some toys...

My lo is exclusively on formula due to separate reasons. Hope I can bottle feed him while taking off and landing.

you'll do fine.. dont worry..emphasis is on swallowing something.. bm or formula.. tk cr..

yes u can take water and milk for babies, even in international flights. in domestic it's even more easy to. u can also use mineral water if need be.
babies get very very cranky while take off and landing. suckling helps but sometimes baby might be sleeping or just fed so u might not be able to feed at those exact times.
my Pediatrician proscribed a medicine ( I have lost the proscription ) that can be put in babies ears to help even out the pressure. we used it for almost a year  (12 flights, including 1 international to be precise) and we were very glad that we did. so I suggested talk to your pead about it.
also if u baby wear, make sure u have the seat belts tied as soon as u sit, cz once while I was traveling alone and carrying the baby in my carrier, I forgot to tie the belt and baby slept, it was time for landing and I had to tie the belt that woke the baby up and he created such a hue and cry.

Dear Himadri,
1. you can carry  hot water in a  thermos for baby and you can carry a sealed tin of formula with you .
2, for air pressure some babies do get irritated . fed the baby bottle during the flight as sucking helps to open ears. pacifiers help too if u use one already of baby suck their fingers
3.try to wear you baby during the travel .a sling is very helpful as they sleep well in it n ur hands will be free to use .
enjoy ur trip as long as the baby is fed well and sleeps well u wont have any issues while travelling

hi u can carry boiled water in flask in ur baby bag...and give him something to swallow to baby like bm or formula when plane take off or lands.it will soothe air pressure which cause ear pain...i flew to dubai when my son was
4 month old...and trust me it really works...

Hi Himadri..I had also travelled by air with my 2 month old son..I strictly breastfed him during take off and landing.. that minimises the irritation due to pressure changes..also there are baby creches at the airport where you can comfortably feed and change diapers

I think at airports u r not allowed to hav liquid with u

hi himadri. during take offs n landing make sure that ur baby is sucking on something . it's not the swallowing that relieves the air pressure. it's the sucking. if ur baby is formula fed make sure the baby is feeding during take offs and landing. if the baby refuses, clean ur index finger and make the baby suck on it. when the baby does that sucking movement it is said to relieve some air pressure.

carrying a soother would be highly recommended especially while take off and landing

carry water depends on the number of feeds ur child will need during that time . also during take off and landing make sure it child is sucking on something . 

u can carry 120 ml of water and 200 gms of formula in ur hand bag, as per airline norms. however if u ask for warm/ hot water from the crew, they will help you with it.
try to schedule ur babys nap as per ur flight timing, this way ur baby can sleep thru the journey.
it is advised to feed ur baby at take off n landing coz it helps with the pressure in ears.
some airlines provide a bassinet which u can ask for as per ur convenience. pls talk to ur airline beforehand if they provide the same.
babies can get fussy in a flight for many reasons. carry rattles, preferably the ones with light n sound so that u can entertain ur l.o as soon as he/ she start to get fussy.
Since u will be travelling to diff cities the climatic conditions will vary. dress ur baby accordingly.
hope this helps have a safe journey

hi you can carry about 500 ml of water (security guys are flexible if u say its for the baby) . Carry the formula in its original tin as they could ask you to open and show them. i know the tin is big but better to be safe than sorry. feeding the baby during take off and landing comforts them. Your usual diapering kit and an additional set of clothes should be good.  of course everyone has a very different experience despite all the advice shared.

I have taken a flight from Bangalore to Kolkata last month when my lo was 3 months.. I breastfed her during landing and during the flight when she was cranky.. during the take off she was asleep. I had taken a pacifier too, but didn't need to use that at all. apart from that, I had taken one extra set of clothing for her n me too, in case she spits up or anything.. I had taken extra diapers n baby wipes, and some of her toys too. also, I had taken my baby carrier, she slept nicely in that entire time we were at the airport n while waiting for check in.. don't really have idea about formula but in my flight itself, there was a lady traveling with her 5 month old baby, and I saw her carrying a bottle of water and sealed formula pack which she prepared and fed her baby during take off n landing... the airhostess should be able to help you out regarding that... all the best :)

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