Din mai kitni bar gripwater dena chaiye?

bottle pe likha hai 3 times in a day...

Please try and give once in a day before sleep at night..In case you sense baby has any gastric issues or crolic, those days probably you can give 3 times or twice in a day..

Hi. Only give to baby if you feel the baby is uneasy with gas. Also do ensure a proper burping post feed and tummy time (leave baby on the tummy) during the day.

don't give gripewater it's a cocktail and aggravate stomach a days doctors are not recommending it ..

Balkadu dene se kya hota hai

How old is your child? If less than 6 months, and if you are breastfeeding, then you should not give grip water. It contains alcohol in fact that sedates the child

don't give gripe water,its alcoholic..... it results in sedating the baby....

my daughter is 4 n 9 months old.Her weight is 23kg. is it perfect or nt