Hiii moms I m 17th week pregnant.Till now I haven't gain any weight.My pre pregnancy BMI is 24.9.My doc told me baby s weight is ok.I don't have any other problem .I am taking good diet also.Is it must to gain weight during second trimester?what to do for dat? How much weight gain is needed in pregnancy?

Hey dear.. every woman and her pregnancy is different from each other. It's not compulsory u will gain weight according to what others gain. If doc said baby is doing fine and baby's weight is ok then need not worry. Gradually your weight will also increase. Even my weight increased only after 7th month. Do not stress. Follow your diet and stay happy.

I am 21 weeks now and have gained just 2 kgs... baby is doing fine so, try not to worry

Not to worry. It depends on mom to mom

Thanks dear Apoorva Nd Parul nw feeling relaxed

i gained only 7 kgs in total. so pls don't stress at all.