My baby has constipation from 2 days.. What should i give her..

Hi Pinku. How old is baby? Does she have pain while passing stool?

i have the same problem with my baby, she is 1 year and four mnths now, and she is not eating any food, only cow milk through bottle.

Hi pinku , you can give her California prunes, cook make a paste of the same and give it your baby this will solve the problem, 2-3 prunes per day

She is 5 months and 23 days now..

Angoor yaa munnaqqe ka russ do ya teen tym teen teen chammach de

Being a 5 month old baby, try applying hing around the navel. Check your baby s latch. And give enough tummy time. Since she has not yet completed 6 months, it's preferable U avoid giving anything else except breastmilk

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