I am having fever from last 4 days feel weak.i consulted wid dr she said its coz of lump in breast so she prescribed zocef500 ,zerodol-sp morng & nyt.for fever dolo650.my baby is nt taking bm in the dy bt at nyt nd early mrng he takes feeding.dr told me to stp giving bm to baby. Bt y my fever is nt goin aftr taking medicine.fever comes at nyy tym.shud i go fr blood test??
Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa pls hlp

U will need to express out the breast milk that's the reason for fever. Also do meet ur gynac or call her if not settled tomorrow.

Im using breast pump to express milk.but nt cmg out 😔.fever goes afyr taking medicine but again cms nxt dy

Renuka,,,, from when did you started taking medicines..

Complete the course of antibiotics.. if it doesnt cure then you need tests.. check with your doctor..

3days doses completed.evrydy fever cms at nyt after tkg medicine it goes.i feel body hs become loose wen fever comes.i vl complete 5dys course.baby is tkg bm..no issues knw?? Do i hv to stp bm??

Then talk to your doctor about this...

Ok thanku doctor.vl go today