Hi daughter is 11 months old and she was 3 kg at the time of birth....initially upto 6 months ..her weight was around 7 and now weight is not increasing much but height is increasing as she is crawling and walking and her activities r more.....i m concerned for the growth as some people say she is getting weak than before......Dr's please advice....

Actually when babies start moving they tend to grow a little lighter than before due to constant activities..if she is fit nd eating well, don't worry..focus on building her immunity these articles..Ways To Improve Immunity in Children

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The. Child would either grow taller or fatter. It's good if taller and more over if he baby is active don't wrry at all. Give proper food and multivitamin and calcium as per pediatrician.

Height And Weight Chart: An Easy Tool to Monitor Your Child’s Health pl check this too and don’t worrry too much

hi shilpa all babies lose weight when they start crawling and walking. pls don't worry at all!

Thanks a lot for answers...