How do stop my MIL from constant interferance. I have just had a baby 3 months back and she has already planned for another baby without even thinking if we want another kid or not.. Also she doesn't let us before the kid was there any alone time.. any anytime with just 3of us.. I don't know what to do. I tried speaking to my husband but he thinks I am being to silly

Tell her straight away that you don't want a baby have to focus on the first child first..medically also it is recommended that there should be atleast a gap of 4 yrs btw two is your body so u should are not fit to bear a child right now..also try to ignore her as much as possible..

Ur life should be urs and not someone else's. Be strong and stern speak up for urself.

Hi Anon. It is medically advised to have a gap between two births so the body can recuperate and so both babies are attended to well. Any Dr would advise that. Maybe if she hears that from a Dr she will understand.