I m planning to start wean off baby. She is 21 months old. I hv reduced day feed very much. But for sleep she desperately needs feed only. Either its day or night. Without feed she won't sleep. Keepon crying nd crying. I tried singing to her, patting but dint work. She cry out loud if i dnt give her feed. Pls help me how to go for this!!

Neha Vij Neha Mani Mishra

Mrs Chhoker asha chaudhry Roopashree Siddireddy Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Yogini Kandre Sheeba Vijesh Neha Vij pls help

Manvi i was in the exact situation! U need someone else to put baby to sleep. For the day time, i got a teenage girl to come play with ini for 2 mnths summer holidays - borrowed my friend's baby rocking chair, and wud get that girl to read and rock ini to sleep in the afternoon. That helped me tremendously (though ini once hit her in anger :((( and she wud feel very betrayed when she wud look at me :((( read more here -

Kartik Kujur and his wife are going thru the same

Its very tough but pls be patient. It will happen. Tc and keep us updated.

Weaning: A Tough Start And Even Tougher But Happy End!

My kid doesn't cry though but asks repeatedly. Sometimes it gets difficult to distract him. So far we have resorted to making his tummy full by his food and then when we eat ours we give him some of it too. And we do not let him sleep in the evening and engage him in play and other activities. So by the time night falls, he gets extremely tired and just wants to snuggle, get patted and hear lullabies. But when he is in no mood to sleep and we force him to then he needs feeds to lure him, otherwise the weaning has been quite smooth. The only concern we are facing is that while we are weaning him off he is still not taking cow's milk. Still we are trying different ways to provide him with the required nutrition. When he was younger he didn't take water too but now he asks for it. We hope same happens for milk too. Hoping and praying with fingers crossed!

Its an emotionally & physically draining process. And very hard when u are in a nuclear family...

Yeah! So rightly said asha chaudhry. I feel for my wife. Sometimes she feels guilty, at others she says she can no longer continue with the feeds. It's a bittersweet experience. I wanted her to feed him for at least two years, but looking at the situation I think it will get more difficult if we waited any longer.

I know this is toughest part but it will not happen overnight you have to go slow that is what I observe and yes sometimes I don't feed him in night (devil me) for days even his father and me fight on this but I do what I feel is best for my kid. I can share my technique how I weaned adhi. You can read it let see if you want to try

Manvi,,,, thankfully i really never experienced this situation.. suditi weaned off by her own when she started 18months.. actually i planned to wean her completely after 14months, but praveen said- let her decide when to wean off.. dont start forcing, so i keep on BFing.. but when she was tummy full, she left day feeds and gradually by 18th month, she left night feeds as well..

I have book marked this.. It's just 3 months but I'm already afraid about this weaning off.. Atarah doesn't take anything except my nipples not sure how I'm going to wean her off.. Even in uncomfortable positions she is hanging like a spider man and drinking milk 🙄

Thank u asha di. Rightly said, as in nuclear family it becomes bit difficult. I hv no one for day time to make her sleep. For night time i hv told hubby to make her sleep by singing nd patting. Its started from just two days. Lets c how it goes. Last two days was not successful, but yes will keep on trying

Kartik Kujur yes navya also asks repeatedly for feed during day. Whenever she asks for it i gave her something to eat nd diverts her mind. This way her day feeds got reduced. But for sleep she wants only feed. Trying hard for it. But she won't sleep. Nd gets cranky if i dnt give.

@mrs Chhoker thank u. Will read this. Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa; you are lucky Doc. It's great

Kartik Kujur same is with navya she doesn't drink packet wala milk. I m still giving her formula milk twice a day. Morning nd night.
Also can u share which lullabies u sing or play for baby to sleep?

Manvi i was facing the same problem before few months... But then i try to feed them warm milk.. Though now its hot weather u can feed cold milk... And sing along.. Don't use bottle because afterwards its hard to stop bottle so...and in late night when baby awake then try to drink water or milk its easy to understand them... And when they point at ur feeding.. Tell them "No" now milk will not come as ur big now...If u say it very calmly every time... And let them to drink milk more then they will surely understand... As i have twins so i have done the same thing.. To them they understand very nicely... And every time at night when they ask for feeding i tell them no feeding is not come now ur big so... 😊Dear try it Hope its work 😊🤗

Manvi, same situation dear. And I would advise you take it slowly Nd not try to stop immediately. Give yourself and your kid at least 8-10 days when you think you want to completely wean off. I started last month and now able to make him sleep without bm. Till last month he wouldn't sleep without it. It's good you stopped day feeds as it is easy too coz you can engage kids during the day in solid food Nd activities. Hardest part is to make them sleep at night without it.
I don't know whether it will work for you or not, but when everything failed I tried using the pram. I took it out again and while he was very sleepy at night instead of taking him to bed where he would ask milk I put him in pram with his fav toys and started to pram-stroll in house only. As he would engage with toys after 9-10 rounds, he started to sleep. Rocking, swinging, strolling helps them to sleep faster if sleepy already. Initially he wud say I don't want to sit, take me to bedroom but slowly he got used to it. Once he would sleep I wud put in bed. It needs patience and 10/15 mts of time of peace and silence at night.

Yeah every time he asks for breastmilk she says to him it's finished...he understands "finished" very well...they have gone without feeds for about 3 days long each time but something or the other happens due to which she again has to offer him...for example...the other day he got a bump and was crying to soothe and calm him she needed to breastfeed her...but I think we will get it over with the habit soon...he is learning very fast...and as Neha Vij said making them stroll in a stroller works every time and I use it often...though my wife prefers to carry him with his head on her shoulders singing lullabies and patting him gently to sleep...

manvi bhandari my kid loves to listen to and watch Hindi rhymes of Minnu & Mintu from Videogyan in Youtube like Gol Gol ye laal tamatar, Dhobi aaya, Nani Nani suno kahaani, Machhli jal ki rani hai etc. And English rhymes Baba black sheep, Johnny Johnny, Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle twinkle...etc. He also loves Chanda mama, Nani teri morni ko, Ek kauwa main dekha, Lalla lalla lori etc.

Neha Vij thanks dear. Will surely try this. Kartik Kujur thank u.

Ambika Gohil thanks dear. I am doing this same since few days. But she gets too irritated when she wants to sleep nd i dint give her breastfeeding. Ultimately at last i hv to give her. I think i should only be bit more strong for this. Lets c.

Archana Bhosale pls chk this thread out

Even m also going through the same phase right now asha chaudhry; 😥😥 please help me too

Hi Dhara Popat ! So nice to hear from u! Lots of moms have added their comments on this thread on this topic -

asha chaudhry di. Finally since one week i hv stopped night bed time feed to navya. But during day she needs feed to sleep else she wont sleep nd gets all chid chidi in eve.

CONGRATS manvi!!!!! The nite feed is the toughest!!!! So happy for u!!! Very big milestone. Trust me in day time if u can get someone else to make her sleep u will be set!!!

No help di.. 😡; for night time i become strict momma, lights off nd tell her to sleep now.. Thodi der bed par idhar udhar ghumti hai bed par then she sleep on her own.. Nd i used to say mumma ko ui hui hai... Dudu nhn araha😑😂😁

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