Hi all.... my baby is 2 months old and his weight is 5.7kg ?? His birth weight was 3.4kg he is on bf and formula feed twice a day 90 ml...I want to know is this weight normal. .. because I heard baby gain double of his birth weight by 6 months but he is already this much... doctor said this is fine and nothing to worry but I am concerned??? Please help #asha Chaudhry #neha Mani Mishra#rebecca

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Weight is fine.. and if baby is taking feed properly and active then don’t worry.. doctors know better

Hi Deepika, pls do not worry. At this age let it be and let your baby feed on your milk / formula as baby needs. Your Dr will take record of weight in the check ups.

Dnt worry as long as the kid is active n doing daily routine. Feed well.. he should b healthy..