My 2 n half month old baby is suffering from constipation every week.he used to pass stool every 4days regularly but from two times his stool becomes so hard that he strains n cries out of pain..dr says to put suppositories if that happens n I have to put.but how many times!!!i want him to pass on his own..I want to know is this problem so common? Will this be solved??

Hi Anita, I understand your concern. Is baby breastfed or formula?

hi anita - is baby on ebf or also formula feed? personally, i am not in favour of suppositories. can u ask for a liquid laxative instead? pls have a heart to heart talk with ur pead and figure out what is the best solution. pls do cyclic motion of legs every day during maalish time. rub hing on navel regularly. how many feeds does baby take now (how often?)

My baby is both breastfeed as well as formula feed as he was not gaining weight so dr advised..he takes feeding well..n he's active too..

Dr.said it is ok that bowel problems would bother for at least 6 months..n he can't be given laxative upto 1 year.. suppositories r safe n there would not be habit (they say but I believe that it can cause habit) not to wait for more than 3 days as stool gets harder to remove..

I tried old methods also like ghasara,somva 34 n harde n hing too.but nothing works..