Today morning I got a sticky discharge and I sent the pic to my gynaec. She says some mucus plug has released. What is it. And she called me to see her today.
I'm worried.
Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M asha chaudhry Dr. Neha D. Khodke

Amrita when the cervix starts to open up, the mucus is released like a sticky discharge which maybe white or pink which is called mucus plug.
It means that labor may start. When and how fast it will happen cannot be said though.
All the best!!

Oh great. I've been waiting for labour 🤣 I really hope it starts soon.
Thank you Mam Dr. Payal M

all the best amrita, take care.. keep us updated..

Sure sure will keep you guys updated. Thanks so much. Shraddha

All the best #Amrita

All the best amrita! Keep us posted after ur dr visit. Ps: did u drink castor oil?

All the best amrita

Thanks Asha ji asha chaudhry; will surely keep you posted. Actually I got castor oil but my mother in law says take it on Sunday... She is assuming if o take on Sunday I will deliver on Monday 😂😂😂