Hi all..I have a request...
I m 21 weeks pregnant..One of my family members affected with chickenpox ...What is care to be taken by me to safeguard myself..

Hi Bindu.; Same situation happened when I was 8th month. My brother in law got chicken pox and I was told to go to my moms place. The infection is not good and contagious. It's better you also do the same. My doc told me to stay away for atleast 10 to 12 days.

Your most welcome 😊

Hey same thing happen with me too it’s good to stay away for 10to 12 days it’s not good for you n your baby too so good to enjoy holiday at your mom place or something else place with your hubby😉

My sister got chicken pox it's been about 2 weeks. Her boils got dry. I'm 8th month pregnant. I badly want to meet her. Is it safe to go?

If u had chicken pox earlier then u hv the antibodies to protect urself and ur baby and u have very minimum chance of getting infection. But if u never got infected by chicken pox earlier then u should take extra precausion and keep urself at a safe distance all the time.. Plz consult with doctor to know more about prevension methods.

No Monica it's not good to visit your sis. And when the chicken pox starts drying that is more infectious so wait until it's totally gone.

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