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I'm in 39weeks of completion, I see swellings on both feets , BP is also normal. What could be the reason. How to reduce swelling. My due date is 15th Apr

I see no labor symptoms still.

Dear swelling of the feet is normal n happens to many. Maybe u can soak your feet in warm water mixed with sea salt (mota namak) for a while...twice a day for a few days. It will help reduce the swelling. Also if u can ask someone to lightly massage ur feet with mustard or luke warm coconut oil.

Swelling happens due to the deposition of fluids which your body produces to support the baby..drink enough fluids ..also keeps your legs elevated while lying down..

Hey even my bp is normal n still I have swelling. My doc said it happens during pregnancy not to worry.; My due date is 11th n even I have no symptoms of labour. I will b going to hospital on Monday for inducing labour.;